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Fordham Radiology — 

Fordham Radiology offers one of the most advanced high-field short bore MRIs available. Our MRI is more quiet than others, and has one of the shortest open tubes in the industry.

Due to the decreased noise of our MRI, if you suffer from tinnitus or are sensitive to noise, our MRI allows you to have a high quality study in a comfortable environment. 

Our MRI allows for comfort without compromising quality. In addition to MRI, we offer Xray and Ultrasound.

Doctor Operating CT Scanner

The Care You Deserve


Doctors Looking at X- Rays

Helping You Get Healthy


3d Ultrasound

Taking Care of You


Thank you for your interest in Fordham Radiology.  This location is no longer performing Radiologic studies. For questions, including billing or medical record inquiries, please email us at:



Get the latest health information from the CDC:

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